What Clothes Should I Wear For Airsoft?

What Clothes Should I Wear For Airsoft?

What Clothes Should I Wear For Airsoft?

Airsoft is a popular hobby, and you would be surprised at the variety of airsoft outfits that people wear online or in the field. This article discusses the options of airsoft clothes for this exciting pastime.

The basic airsoft clothing set includes a shirt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of closed-toe shoes. However, to add a combat feel to playing airsoft, many airsoft fans put on their favorite airsoft camo clothing consisting of a camouflage shirt, a pair of heavy-duty trousers, a pair of military boots, and a helmet or hat.

Although clothes for airsoft are entirely up to your preference, you may still be guided by the following considerations:

  • where you play — indoors or outdoors;
  • whether your teammates are dressed alike;
  • the extent to which you want to blend in with nature;
  • the budget you have for purchasing airsoft clothing gear.

Let’s look in more detail at each of these criteria to identify what fits you the best.

Airsoft Playing Venue

This is the first thing to bear in mind when deciding what to wear when you go airsofting. Other factors driving your choice are the desire to match your squad and the budget.

Inside Airsoft Field

If you play airsoft only from time to time, a casual shirt, simple jeans, a hat or even a beanie, and a pair of tennis shoes will do. As you don’t need to blend in with non-existent nature, you’ll be comfortable wearing what you put on at home before going to an indoor airsoft field near you. In this case, you don’t really have to buy anything extra, which, indeed, has no impact on your budget.

If your co-players want to raise team spirit, you may opt for black outfits, widely used among those playing recreational indoor airsoft or Speedsoft. Consider such brands as Propper and Rothco that offer cheap airsoft clothing in black, gray, or tan.

You may also want to choose a pair of shoes or boots to match your black attire. The airsoft footwear prices start from $40 for a pair of shoes, being potentially five times higher for a pair of boots ($200).

The airsoft headgear is mostly hats and beanies because they offer some protection against shots in the head and are light to wear indoors. However, if you dress up in airsoft tactical clothing, a helmet may be a better option. The Emerson Gear brand manufactures simple black helmets that can be bought for only $37.

To complete your look of a real airsoft expert, you can wear a mesh mask and goggles. Although standard paintball-style masks aren’t made to wear with helmets, some of them (like Dye) can still be used with this headgear type.

Outdoor Venues

In contrast to indoors, playing airsoft in the open-air envisages blending in with the background, which entails choosing airsoft camouflage clothing with the patterns that are most typical for your region.

Additionally, the rules of some airsoft events, in particular MilSim gameplay, dictate what camos can be worn, with green and tan colors being the most often used.

Camo patterns that have been in production for decades cost cheaper, unlike newer ones, for instance, MultiCam, or unique, e.g., AUSCAM and M38. Another way to save is to buy from such brands as Propper, Rothco, or Tru-Spec. But if you look for something high-end, combat pants and shirts by Crye will be our suggestion.

To give you an example, a pair of pants with the MultiCam pattern and a combat shirt by Propper will cost around $140, compared to woodland-patterned pants and a BDU top by the same brand costing only $58.

Helmet covers are another possibility to achieve a match with natural surroundings or your team uniform. Instead of buying a painted helmet, you can easily apply and quickly change its cover, purchased for just $10-$15.

Overall Comfort

Regardless of where you play, you should always feel comfortable. If you live in a cold climate, consider layering up underneath or finding suitable jackets to put over your torso.

For airsoft fans playing in the heat, wearing thick military-style pants and a BDU top can prove very uncomfortable. In this case, the best airsoft outfits will be those made of breathable materials, such as jersey, cotton, and sunproof fabrics, designed to make your experience much more enjoyable.

In a nutshell

Don’t limit yourself to anything when choosing what to wear for airsoft, unless you sign up for a MilSim event. The only criterion is to be safe and to have as much fun as possible. Your freedom to adjust your outfit to playing inside or outside a building, matching your co-players, or staying within the budget is unrestrained.