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  1. Leapers UTG Side Wheel Add-on for Bubble Leveler Scope 100mm SCP-SW100BL
  2. Umarex Wood Stock Ruger Yukon Magnum 22 Air Rifle w/ 3-9x32mm Scope Umarex-USA-2244230
  3. Umarex USA Airgun Scope Umarex-USA-2300571
  4. Umarex USA 177 BBs Diamond Steel Bottle Of 1500 Black Umarex-USA-2211056
  5. Umarex Airgun Rifle Octane 22 Caliber Elite Combo Gas Piston Black Umarex-USA-2251354
  6. Umarex Airgun Rifle Gauntlet PCP Repeater Bolt Action 177 Caliber Umarex-2252603
  7. Sig Sauer We The People Air Pistol 45mm Black Sig-Sauer-AIR-1911WTP-BB
  8. Lucid Optics Rifle Sight In Target 18x18 Paper 20 Pack Lucid-L-TARGET-1
  9. Gamo Wildcat Whisper 177 Pellet Synthetic Stock Black Finish Gamo-6110067854
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Even in today’s modern age, every man is still a warrior. In their veins, flows war and fire. Since ancient times, people have been striving for fights, battles and victories. The inner voice calls to fight, getting louder and louder; until one day it couldn’t be drowned out.

Men have the need to fight. Even sport is a battle: man against man, a club against a club, a country against a country. However, sport does not even give a hundredth of adrenaline that you feel during an Airsoft game. The main distinctive feature of Airsoft from paintball and other similar games is a realistic weapon and different accessories for airguns.

You can select and purchase Air Pistols, Air Rifles, Airgun Accessories, Airgun Targets & Traps, Airgun Pellets & BBs etc in Night Galaxy online store. These items are useful both for newbies and for experienced players.

Air Pistols & Air Rifles

The main unique feature of Airsoft is a weapon. In this game, players use pneumatic replica of real military firearms made of plastic and light metal. Although the Airsoft Rifles and Pistols do not shoot real bullets, the blood is still full of adrenaline and you feel unforgettable emotions.

Airsoft is not a real military action, but it is not just a play. This team game is too close to actual events, as it is based on real war.

Furthermore, Airsoft guns have the same characteristics as real military weapons, namely rate of fire, aiming range and other tactical and technical parameters. A wide range of Airsoft weapons are presented in our online store. We suggest you select and pursue all available types of firearms! War is war and at the start of the battle everything would become real.

Airgun Pellets

In Airsoft, a special plastic ammunition is used, the so-called “soft pneumatics”. Such pellets do not cause serious injuries or pain, but give the experience of a real battle. The key feature of Airsoft Pellets is a maintaining of stable characteristics during the flight at a distance of several dozen meters. Ammunition for Airsoft has a relatively low price and large assortment of species. For example, soft pneumatics have a caliber of 6 mm, rare 8 mm. Airsoft Pellets differ in weight, color and material, which proves that every type of Airgun ammunition has a specific purpose. Thus, there are biodegradable pellets or pellets for night games. A good choice of Airsoft Pellets in different weight categories and colors are available in our online store.

Airgun Accessories

Airsoft has a unique atmosphere, thanks to the use of real weapons within the game. We offer you a wide range of Airgun Accessories to save this militant mood a bit longer. Night Galaxy webstore collaborates only with well-known brands, thereby, we can guarantee the highest quality of our products.

Sling Shots

Besides air pistols and rifles, pellets and accessories for guns, our online store also offers Sling Shots and special ammunition. It is simple, practical and a low-cost tool.

We understand every man’s desire to prove himself to have power and maintain an excellent physical shape. This is exactly what Airsoft is best for.

Night Galaxy is the right place to purchase all the necessary equipment that makes you feel like a real warrior on the battlefield. Special gear and realistic military weapons - that’s everything we need to make the game real.

Top Brands: Benjamin Sheridan, Daisy Outdoor, Gamo, Hatsan, Crosman, Umarex