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  1. Saunders TW8512 Storage Clipboard 1/2 Capacity 8-1/2w X 12h Gray Saunders-45300
  2. Saunders Tactical Organizer Durable w/Six Internal Compartments Saunders-554
  3. Saunders SlimMate Plastic Form Holder Storage Clipboard Letter Size Black Saunders-558
  4. Saunders Serrated Clip Heavy Duty Aluminum 9 x 125 Clipboard Saunders-11517
  5. Saunders Serrated Clip Aluminum 9 x 125 Clipboard w/Backing Saunders-12017
  6. Saunders RingMate Portable Presentation Desktop - Saunders-480
  7. Saunders Recycled Aluminum A-Holder 85 x 12 x 3/8 Saunders-201
  8. Saunders Portfolio Clipboard with Privacy Cover 85 X 12 Saunders-22017
  9. Saunders Plastic Letter/A4 Sized Clipboard Low Profile Clip - Clear Saunders-496
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In this section of the online store, you can probably find the most necessary items for every hunter and outdoor enthusiast. For your convenience, the range was divided into three categories: Books, Manuals and Videos. There are educational materials in the Books section, which have been made to help tourists understand the specifics of camping trips and to gain special knowledge.

If you are not interested in books, manuals and guides, then you should pay attention to the waterproof notebooks. These items are definitely the best choice for a traveler, a fan of extreme tourism or just a person who is fond of outdoor activity.


Everyone should strive to learn new information, gain extra knowledge and improve skills, because the comfort during the outdoor or hunting trip depends on the knowledge that can’t always be derived from internet blogs and other web resources however books and articles can improve your experience. It is from literature that you can get the necessary knowledge, namely: about edible and inedible berries, how to provide first aid, how to tie knots, pitch a tent and make a fire etc.

You can endlessly list how much useful information the book contains. But it’s better once choose the necessary publication, read it and gain new knowledge and experience. You can find a great choice of literature in the Books section in the online store.

In addition, every traveler needs a guide. This is a small book that can inform you of the address of the nearest hotel, dining room or train station. Such guides will not take much space in a backpack, but they definitely help out in an emergency.

Travel books contain many useful tips for travelers. Once you have this knowledge, you can apply it throughout your life and share it with others. Therefore, develop in your area of activity, read more books, study articles, learn new exciting places and open new opportunities with the online store.


Every hunter or fisherman once suffered a failure in their activities. We understand how difficult it is to independently figure out how, for example, correctly reload ammunition, or learn how to tie all of these knots.

Such problems will never happen again, since this information is available to everyone now! In the online store you can find all the necessary step-by-step guides for fishermen, shooters or hunters. All useful educational literature is presented in the Books section.

The items presented in our range will definitely help you solve all the difficulties that have arisen earlier, and become a little more experienced. If you had difficulties in choosing camping equipment, felt yourself lost providing first aid, or could not choose a proper equipment for reloading your own ammunition, then select the right manual and just forget about the issues.


If modern technology is closer to you than book pages, then pay attention to the video material from the Books section. The advantage of video recording is that you can turn on, pause and continue watching at any time you want. Also, the video does not take much space in your backpack, and according to many outdoor enthusiasts, the information is better perceived this way. You can save the video on your smartphone or other electronic device and return to viewing at any time you want.

The choice is only yours, but believe there is nothing more valuable than your knowledge, skills and abilities! It is in your own development that you need to invest as much time, money and effort as possible.