Weapon Lights

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  1. Leapers UTG 400 Lumen Compact LED Weapon Light with QD Lever Lock-LT-ELP223Q-A
  2. Surefire X300 Tam Picatinny Military Tactical Pistol Weapon Light Surefire-X300U-B-TN
  3. Surefire Dedicated Shotgun Forend Rem 870 Ultra-High Led Weapon Light Surefire-DSF-870
  4. Streamlight TLR-8 Weapon Light Gun Light Streamlight-69410
  5. Streamlight TLR-1 HL Lumen Rail Mounted Tactical LED Weapon Light Streamlight-69260
  6. Streamlight Remington 870 Rail (TLR) Streamlight-69906
  7. Leapers UTG Sub-compact LED Light and Aiming Adjustable Red Laser -LT-ELP28R
  8. Leapers UTG 400 Lumen Sub-compact LED Ambi. Pistol Light-LT-ELP123R-A
  9. Leapers UTG 400 Lumen Combat LED Weapon Light 4.3" Integral Mount -LT-EL202R-A
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