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Simply put, it’s the most versatile pack system on the planet. Add components of your choice, and the F1 Mainframe can function as a freight pack, day pack, or all-around utility pack.
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The Eberlestock company was established by Glen Eberle in 1985. A fighter pilot in the US Air Force by profession, he dedicated his leisure time to hunting and other outdoor activities. His hobby made him an active sportsman.As a biathlete, he participated for the USA in some top world championships, including the Winter Olympic Games 1984 in Sarajevo as well as the Biathlon World Cups held in Ruhpolding (Germany) in 1985, Holmenkollen (Norway) in 1986, and Lake Placid (USA) in 1987. When pursuing his athletic carrier, Glen graduated from Dartmouth College.

Through his combat experience and from his hobby - hunting, he knew that the existing possibilities to stow equipment and weapons were limited, and carrying accessories proved uncomfortable. It urged him to design a new rifle stock that later was successfully used by biathletes of the American biathlon team. This is where the name Eberlestock evolved from. The new rifle stocks were lighter and sturdier compared to previous models, thanks to which they soon found use in sports as well, in particular, among marksmen.


Following a successful launch of the first product, Eberle decided to develop something else to extend the Eberlestock brand range, and his choice fell on backpacks that were initially tested and approved by American snipers. Over time, backpacks become the company’s core business. Today, Eberlestock specializes in hunting and military backpacks, as well as products for hardcore outdoor adventures. All Eberlestock backpacks enable size adjustment by default. The company also offers accessories for backpacks and engages in the in-house creation of camouflage patterns and fabrics with special features, for example, loden cloth.

The Eberlestock brand became a synonym for efficiency and mobility - the characteristics that are essential for those who serve their country in the armed forces and law enforcement agencies, not forgetting professional outdoors men and women, and even casual hunters. As a hunter, a sportsman, a soldier, or a law enforcement officer, you can be assured: perfection is Eberlestock’s primary goal, an ambition implemented in the quality of their products.

Innovative solutions

Nowadays, Eberlestock is among the best global manufacturers of tactical carrier systems, hunting backpacks, and packing systems for weapons. The brand stands for the highest quality, creativity, hands-on experience, and optimal functionality. Its founder’s personal touch is still felt in every aspect, from design to distribution. As a CEO, he leads a team of 20 employees and shapes the company’s development strategy.

Thanks to their unique features, rugged construction, and military-friendly design, backpacks by Eberlestock were able to revolutionize the industry. In particular, their tough, battle-ready backpacks are in use by the United States Armed Forces (including many U.S. Navy SEALs). Moreover, Eberlestock pioneered in integrating a weapon scabbard in their backpacks, also offering a series of detachable long gun cases called Side Scabbards available in different varieties for shotgun, long rifle, and bolt action sniper rifles.

For bow hunters, the company’s designers have specifically created plenty of lightweight day packs that can hold the heaviest ones of compound bows right on the back of the pack. Other backpacks can be customized by mounting on them the Eberlestock Butt Bucket, a bow carrier that allows quickly accessing a bow without taking off the backpack.

To attach most Eberlestock hunting accessories and pouches, the company’s signature Padlock/PALS mounting platform has been invented. It is an attachment system that represents nylon webbing similar to MOLLE webbing and allows carrying no problem any shooting accessories, pouches, and more.

The variety of backpack solutions manufactured by Eberlestock ranges from the Eberlestock J79 Skycrane II Pack System, the 3-in-1 compound, versatile construction that is, in essence, a modular system for bearing military luggage made up of three primary bags, to the Eberlestock H1 Mini-Me day pack, a simple, lightweight hydration carrier able to function as a full-fledged backpack too.

So, if you look for backpacks and military equipment that would make a real difference during your outdoor adventures or on prolonged patrols, consider the cutting-edge products by this company, and you will not be disappointed opting for them.