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EGW Mystic Precision Bipod Manufactured by 3.125" - 32131

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Manufactured by EGW for Mystic Precision.

Comes With Updated Cant Device! The cant device allows the rifle to cant 9° each direction, for a total of 18°.

To use the MPOD with M-Lok handguards, you must purchase a t-slot rail and use the supplied screws with the M-Lok backer plate (not included) or a nut and washer (not included).

The MPODs are made from aircraft grade aluminum with quality steel hardware and lugs for durability and a long life.

The exterior is a milspec anodizing which not only looks great, but will stand up to lots of normal use. The installed pod weighs 12.8ozs (as pictured). This makes the MPOD the lightest F-class suitable pod we are aware of. By comparison, a Harris BR-S 6 to 9 inch bipod weighs 13.8ozs on the same scale. If you want to save even more weight, you can swap in bolts for the knobs and that will cut another 1.5oz off the total!

Other custom features like longer legs, different feet, stronger design (originally supported 200lbs but still onlyweighed 20ozs), etc are all possible. Ease of assembly and use have been retained. Stability and strength will exceed anything an F class shooter (most shooters for that matter) will need - the MPOD easily supports a 50lb rifle. No problem with bigger boomers either. The lowest height is 4 1/2 inches suitable for bench work and raised berms when shooting prone. At full elevation, you have 7 3/4 inches to the mounting lug. For most rifles, you can shoot on a flat surface and still get into a comfy position. Best part, the MPOD gets a wider footprint for improved stability the more you raise the pod. Most ski pods pull their legs in to raise the rifle. That makes the rifle even more tippy. Uneven ground? The MPOD can handle a 4 inch difference between legs and still stand. Stores flat in your rifle case making it easy to get to and from the range.

Will work with both commonly found T-slot rails ie Choate and Anschutz/Savage stocks.

Longer Inner Legs can be purchased here.

MPOD Design: Improved geometry to reduce the effects of torque during recoil for consistent tracking and follow through. Easy to operate with large range of movements to account for varied terrain. Easy to install and remove - Solid with great repeatability and accuracy potential. Stability increasing with increased pod height which is opposite to a number of designs. Keep finished weight as low as possible, 12.8ozs installed, yet strong enough to support heavy rifles and big boomers Keep price at the low side of competitor products.

We have certainly met and exceeded all of our design goals. The range of movement covers a huge range of terrain. The pod is easily removed by loosening one central knob and sliding off the rail. When clamped, it is fixed and will not move during recoil.